EP 017 – Building a Business Around the Lifestyle You Want in Under a Year with Dani Watson

“I think a lot of people fall into this dangerous trap of coasting along – so they get up and just go through the motions. Then 5 years go past and they’re not where they want to be, and it’s because they sort of drifted there. They kind of not really been intentional about how they started their day or how they actually live their life, and they end up at this place, and they’re treading water and they feel stuck and they’re, like, how have I ended up here?”

Dani Watson

Founder of The Clique



Current location:     London, England, UK

Education:     Law Degree

Corporate:      Corporate Lawyer

Creative:     Business Mentor & Digital Strategist


Welcome back to a brand new episode for Season 2!

I’m excited for another season full of INSPIRING FEMALE CREATIVES and book reviews to motivate you to take action – to just go for it! There’s never really a good time to start that side hustle, quit your job, or go for what you love full time.  You just have to do it.

The stars won’t automatically align for you.

The traffic lights won’t suddenly all turn green.

All your ducks won’t line up in a row on their own.

Conditions will never be perfect.

So if where you are now, is not where you want to be –  then it’s time to change the trajectory of your path.

Most of the time a paved path will rarely ever be laid out to get you to where you aspire to be, you just have to SET SAIL AND KEEP CORRECTING COURSES along the way.

Soon you’ll get there.

Not today. Not tomorrow. But eventually – because you made the conscious decision today to go down that path.

So in this episode, DANI WATSON shares with us the moment she made the decision to change her career path from UNHAPPY CORPORATE LAWYER TO THRIVING ONLINE ENTREPRENEUR, leading the life she dreamt of.

When Dani found herself reaching the end of her 20s, she realized she wasn’t where she wanted to be in life.  She was working crazy hours and when she wasn’t working, she would party excessively to keep up with the fast-paced London party scene – all to compensate for the unhappiness she felt in her work life.



Like most of us, she thought that by the time she turned 30 she would be doing something she loved – and being a lawyer was not it.  Her first pivotal step was not to ask herself what she would rather be or do instead (because she really had no idea) but she asked herself what her PERFECT DAY LOOKED LIKE – that was her starting point.

Less than a year ago, she quit her job and today she is leading that very lifestyle she wanted for herself, and helping others do the same.

So if you’re interested in how you can get your foot into this lucrative world of online entrepreneurship or even how to fast track your way to a career change, you do not want to miss this episode.


In this episode, she talks about  

* The step by step details of how she left the law and started a successful online business in less than a year doing social media consultancy and coaching for female entrepreneurs

* How law school works in the UK

* The not-so-glamourous part of being a lawyer and how pursuing a career for prestige and money won’t make you happy

* Her insecurities of leaving behind the law for this new online entrepreneurial world

* Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

* The importance of collaborations and teaming up with like-minded people

* The perception of others in your field being further along than you are when in reality they might not be

* How she exponentially grew her audience and monetized her online business in just months

* How she positioned herself as an expert in her niche market

* The online world, including content marketing, blogging, instagramming, guest blogging, passive income models, etc.

* Building a business that fits your lifestyle

* How her morning routine catapulted her to success

* The power of vision boards, journaling, and much more!




Favorite quote on success

“Don’t downgrade your dream to match your reality, upgrade your conviction to match your destiny.”

Favorite book 

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