EP 004 – The One Thing

“Your life is like this. You don’t get a fully mature one. You get a small one and the opportunity to grow it – if you want to.

Think small and your life’s likely to stay small. Think big and your life has a chance to grow big”


Gary Keller and Jay Papasan’s THE ONE THING




The point of spending a disproportionate amount of time on what is important to you is that eventually mastery and expertise will ensue.

Then one day. . . one day you will be able to support yourself with that One Thing that is meaningful to you.

It might sound risky and completely unnatural just thinking about it, but . . .

If you don’t even consider it – you will shortchange yourself of the opportunity to have an extraordinary life and to pursue work you actually love.

None of us knows what our limits for achievement are until we break beyond them.

“Don’t fear big. Fear mediocrity. Fear waste. Fear the lack of living to your fullest.”


I discovered The One Thing after I quit my job and really needed to focus on what my next step would be. I needed to make sure that whatever my next move was, it would fit into my 5 to 10 year plan.

So when I first started brewing over this nebulous concept of starting a podcast, I really wanted to think it through thoroughly before I invested so much time and energy into it.

I took this book and dissected it in a way where I could implement the ideas. What follows in this episode is my interpretation and actionable blueprint of what I did to lay out the framework to get me closer to doing meaningful work.  I also created a really helpful workbook for you to download and use to figure out your game plan. See below!

In this episode, I talk about  

* The work-life balance myth

* The 4 Ps Pyramid: purpose, priority, productivity and profit

* Creating your big focusing question

* Benchmark and Trend your way to success

* Creating a detailed step plan and following the path of mastery

* Forming a deliberate practice and time blocking



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