EP 025 – Bootstrapping a Million Dollar Business with Danielle Tate

“We all have major problems and bad things that happen, and while they hurt – if you can take a minute and step back and look for the opportunity that’s how you grow – that’s how you change… big failures and small failures always have a hidden opportunity in them if you choose to look for it”

Danielle Tate

Founder, MissNowMrs.com & Author, Elegant Entrepreneur


Current location:     Washington D.C.

Education:     Biology B.A., McDaniel College

Corporate:      Account Executive

Creative:     Wedding Tech Entrepreneur


What kills your post honeymoon glow more than spending the entire day at the DMV to change your last name – only to get it finalized after three trips?

That’s how Danielle came up with her million-dollar idea (literally) and quit her corporate job at 25 years old to launch MissNowMrs.com – the “Turbo Tax” for name change.


She shares how her struggles went from bootstrapping a company with no business background, to juggling being a CEO of a multi-million-dollar company, motherhood, author and philanthropist today.

In this episode, she talks about
* How she found a common pain point and launched a company to solve it

* How she bootstrapped a company with no business background

* Her company’s exponential growth and the inevitable copycats that followed suit

* Her experience ending up in federal court on the stand at 8 months pregnant and how it affected her company

* Her “aha” moment that expanded her niche market and grew her company

* How she self-published her book for female entrepreneurs and the success she experienced without traditional marketing, and much more


Favorite quote on success

“Setbacks are opportunities in disguise”

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