EP 026 – The Obstacle is the Way

“Often when we are just starting out, our first jobs ‘introduce us to the broom,’ as Andrew Carnegie famously put it. There’s nothing shameful about sweeping. It’s just another opportunity to excel—and to learn. But you, you’re so busy thinking about the future, you don’t take any pride in the tasks you’re given right now. You just phone it all in, cash your paycheck, and dream of some higher station in life. Or you think, ‘this is just a job, it isn’t who I am, it doesn’t matter.’ Foolishness. Everything we do matters.”


Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle is the Way




There are so many books out there on success and how to achieve it, but we rarely see books on FAILURE – how to think about and overcome it.

What if we looked at failure or obstacles as part of the path to success – as the very thing that paves the way for us? What if the only way up was to fail your way to success?

Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle is the Way introduces us to the ancient Greek philosophy of Stoicism, which embraces rationality and logic.

This is another short episode, where I extract all of his ideas and keep it abstract so that you can apply it to whatever it is you’re dealing with right now, and hopefully pull you out of whatever rut you might be in – like it did for me.

In this episode, I talk about 

*  Perception – dissecting an obstacle down to size and seeing it for what it is rather than what we think it is

*  Action – breaking down a mammoth impediment into manageable tasks and taking the first step

*  Will – cultivating an inner will to handle defeat and difficulty





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