EP 027 – Life After Law School with Fashion Container’s Malena Permentier

“It would be such a terrible thing if you let the time go by and one day you realize it’s too late – so I guess that should be enough motivation (to pursue what you love).”

Malena Permentier

Co-Founder, Fashion Container



Current location:     Amsterdam

Education:     B.A. & Law Degree, University of Utrecht

Corporate:      Law Graduate

Creative:     Fashion & Travel Blogger

So you went to school to study something you thought you would be passionate about. . . only to find you don’t like it anymore.

Is it too late to change your mind after all those years of schooling?

At this juncture, most people would stick it through and work in the industry anyway because they don’t want to feel like they wasted their education.


Not Malena – after graduating law school, she didn’t hesitate to put her law degree away and travel the world to become a fashion blogger full time.

She realized that life’s too short and if you find you don’t love something, don’t be afraid to walk away.

In this episode, she talks about
* What made her pursue law school in the first place and why she decided not to practice

* What started as a hobby became her full-time career

* How Fashion Container started with just her and is now a partnership with her close friend Tatiane Kozijn

* How she makes money as a fashion and travel blogger

* The highs and lows of being a blogger, and more




Favorite quote on success

“Every successful business starts with one stubborn person who refuses to operate by the same rules and type of thinking that everyone else does. Be that person.”


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Photo Credit:
Photographer: Tatiane Kozijnz
Location: Dar Darma, Marrakech

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