EP 030 – Part 2: Why Your 401(k) is Your Riskiest Investment

Always question everything and don’t take things at face value just because everyone else is doing it.


Tony Robbins’s MONEY Master the Game Pt 2




What?! How is my 401(k) at all risky?

Trust me – when I first started investing in my 401(k) I took it for face value and didn’t question anything.

But after learning more about it – I concluded I needed to take action and take control of my retirement.

This episode is definitely important as I lay out the remaining 6 of 9 myths and lies (first 3 are in Part 1) that are holding us back from financial freedom.


In this episode, I talk about

* The difference between the suitability standard and the fiduciary standard, and why you should care

* Why the odds of you winning the 401(k) game are slim to none

* Why you should believe in asymmetric risks and rewards (upside without the downside) and NOT high risks/high rewards and vice versa

* Why target-date funds and variable annuities are not so great, and much more!




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