EP 031 – Tax Partner to International Wine Sommelier with Nancy Milby

“Don’t be afraid to take the step [from corporate to creative] and don’t let your ego prevent you from maintaining that safety net.”

Nancy Milby

Owner, LCA Wine



Current location:     Orange County, California

Education:     Business Administration B.S., U.C. Berkeley

Corporate:     Tax Partner, CFO

Creative:     Wine Sommelier

Nancy Milby made it to the top of the corporate ladder at 34 years old, making tax partner at the big four accounting firm KPMG, and later CFO of a startup that soon became a multi-million dollar company.

Like most people – she loved her job – until she hated it.

She took the leap into entrepreneurship and had a few ventures until she found her niche with LCA Wine, her retail wine shop offering wine tasting and wine education.



She shares with us her successful transition into her second career as an entrepreneur in the food and beverages industry.

The interesting thing about Nancy is as soon as she found success there, she’s already looking for the next great challenge in an entirely different field.

In this episode, she talks about
* Her journey leading up to tax partner

* Why she left KPMG as a tax partner and Cogent Healthcare as its CFO

* How she got into the wine business

* The importance of not attaching your ego and self-worth to your title

* The entrepreneurial setbacks she faced before she found success

* Her new venture as a writer, and much more!



Favorite quote on success

“The reality is a lot different than the dream”


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