EP 032 – Part 3: Planning Your Way to Financial Freedom

“Remember that you’re not a manager of circumstances, but the architect of your life’s experience.”  


Tony Robbins’s MONEY Master the Game Pt 3




Have you ever bought a lottery ticket and started to obsess over the idea of what you would buy if you won the jackpot?

How it would feel like to reach absolute financial freedom and never have to worry about working for money again?

Well, we’re not going to dream about how to get to financial freedom, but we’re going to create a game plan to get there.

What makes most people just dreamers vs. those who are living the dream is that dreamers have never figured out the price of their dreams.


So the important question we’ll be answering is “What’s the price of your dream?” You may be surprised at just how attainable it is when you really break it down.

In this episode, I talk about

* Financial Security, Financial Vitality, Financial Independence, Financial Freedom and Absolute Financial Freedom and choosing your Three to Thrive

* Creating your game plan to financial freedom

* The most important investment decision of your life

* The power of asset allocation

* Your Security, Risk/Growth and Dream Bucket, and how to allocate among the three, and much more


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