EP 033 – Escaping From Cubicle Nation and Finding Your Body of Work with Pamela Slim

“We get so caught up in looking ahead and looking behind, and not being happy and satisfied, and there’s something that’s extremely transformational about recognizing and appreciating that we have breath – that we have life”

Pamela Slim

Author, Escape From Cubicle Nation & Body of Work



Current location:    Phoenix, Arizona

Education:     International Service and Development B.A., World College West

Creative:     Author, Speaker, Business Strategist

A couple years ago while still in my corporate job, I stumbled across Pamela Slim’s book “Escape from Cubicle Nation” and I knew I found my “escape plan” manual.

Today’s SEASON FINALE episode marks a pivotal moment – not only because it has been 1 year since I’ve quit Corporate America, but because I got the privilege to finally talk to the bestselling author herself (who has helped thousands go from corporate prisoners to thriving entrepreneurs).



Instead of focusing on Pam’s transition from corporate to creative – this episode is focused on YOU and your career journey, as she offers valuable insights and advice on what it means to create and have a meaningful career in this new world of work.

It’s not about your title, your employer or that straight narrow career path you were taught to take– it’s about what you’re creating and building from the beginning – your body of work.

In this episode, she talks about
* The process of discovery – of reaching back to your childhood to understand your body of work and knowing your limits

* Finding your inner tiger and entrepreneurial spirit and having the grit and endurance to succeed

* Creating a viable business plan and strategy and what to do before taking the leap from your current job

* How she incorporates spirituality into her work

* The morning routine that sets her up for success, her thoughts on success, work-life balance, and so much more!


Favorite quote on success

“Enjoy your life while you’re living it.”

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