EP 019 – Traveling and Eating Around the World with Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads

“There’s a big shift in the way we think about work, and technology has meant that work doesn’t end when you go home at the end of the day often times – so why not make it into your own version of what that could be?”

Jodi Ettenberg

Founder, Legal Nomads



Current location:     Montreal, Canada

Education:     Law Degree, McGill University

Corporate:      Corporate Lawyer

Creative:     Travel and Food Writer


Jodi Ettenberg went to law school on a bet. . . and at 18 years old.

A few years later she was the youngest attorney practicing M&A and Securities Law in a big firm in New York.

While her peers had their law degrees hung up in their offices, she had postcards of the many places she had traveled to. So it wasn’t a surprise to her peers and superiors when she announced she would be taking a one year sabbatical to fulfill her dream of traveling to Siberia and taking the Trans-Siberian train.



What was supposed to be a one-year trip extended to two years and when CNN Asia reached out to her for a freelance writing gig, she realized she was onto something.

8 years later, Jodi has become a full-time travel and food writer – doing what she loves and making a living from it.

In this episode, she talks about

* Why she doesn’t like to be called a travel blogger and her advice for aspiring travel bloggers

* Why she didn’t sell out her blog (with ads and links) during a time when it was so easy to do so

* Food around the world, including her favorite type of food, how street food can be safer than restaurant foods, and (of course) Anthony Bourdain

* How to handle anxiety and uncertainty in an unconventional career

* Our generation’s new definition of work and life

* Being a solo traveler and loneliness

* Writing, overcoming public speaking, and much more.



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